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    Company profile

    Taizhou ANT Electronic Co.,Ltd. previously named Wuhan lGN Technology Co.,Ltd.established on January 8,2004, specialize in researching, producing and marketing different kinds of dry and pen ignition coils.Atpresent, our daily production capacity has over 50 thousand.

    IGN owns a strong team of products R&D, who are skilled indesigning and manufacturing auto ignition coils. Until now, they have developed many new products.

    Based on the quality controlling system of TS16949,we consequently improve our products to satisfy customers and create brand of IGN with high-quality products and best service. Now, our products mainly sell to North & South America,Europe,and Southeast Asia etc and gain good repute.

    Relying on technical innovation, quality assurance,production stabilization and passionate service,Taizhou ANT aims to be the most professional manufacturer in the line of auto replacement and offers perfect service to clients.

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